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All About Wentworth Miller: Height, Weight, Bio, and More

Wentworth Miller Height Weight Body Measurements

Biography - A Short Wiki

Wentworth Miller has an exquisite body and is an inspiration to many. Being the star of the red carpet means people will be interested in the actor’s body measurements. Luckily we have summarized all body measurements below!

British-American actor, Wentworth Miller is most famous for his portrayal of Michael Scofield in the five seasons of the Fox series Prison Break. He received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor for his Leading Role in Prison Break. He wrote the screenplay for the 2013 thriller film Stoker. Born Wentworth Earl Miller III in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, he is the son of Joy Marie, a special education teacher, and Wentworth Earl Miller II, a lawyer educator. His ancestry includes African-American, Jamaican, German, English, Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese. He has two sisters, Leigh and Gillian. Gillian is studying to get her Ph.D in Massachusetts and Leigh is in law school in Virginia.

Body Measurements Table

Look below and behold the body statistics of Wentworth Miller. The table covers bra size, height, weight, shoe size, and more!

Wentworth Miller - Body Statistics
Height:185 cm, 6 Feet
Weight:77 kg, 170 pounds
Body Shape:N/A
Shoe Size (US):N/A


"You have to love what you do, and you have to need it like you need air. And there's nothing else that would give me the same degree of satisfaction as acting, which is why I can't walk away from it."

Wentworth Miller

"There's so much we can't express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it's considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate."

Wentworth Miller

"When I've had my periods of unemployment, I'll get these e-mails from my father: 'I've read that the LAPD has a reservist program. Perhaps that's something you'd be interested in taking a look at.'"

Wentworth Miller

"I think there's something about evil that is thoughtless and relentless and incredibly frightening because it can't be reckoned with, reasoned with or stopped."

Wentworth Miller

"Michael Scofield is someone everyone can relate to, but nobody would want to be in his shoes."

Wentworth Miller
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