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Kevin McKidd: Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wiki, and More

Kevin McKidd Actor

Biography - A Short Wiki

Kevin McKidd has a sizzling body and is an inspiration to many. Being the star of the red carpet means people will be interested in the actor’s body measurements. Luckily we have summarized all body measurements below!

Kevin McKidd is a Scottish actor, director, and musician who has a net worth of $14 million. Kevin McKidd is best known for his role as Owen Hunt on the medical drama television series “Grey’s Anatomy.” He has appeared in hundreds of episodes of the series. He appeared on the show since 2008, earning a 2010 Prism Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline. He was nominated for a Prism Award in 2011 for the part as well. McKidd has directed a handful of episodes of the show.

Body Measurements Table

Look below and behold the body statistics of Kevin McKidd. The table covers bra size, height, weight, shoe size, and more!

Kevin McKidd - Body Statistics
Height:183 cm, 6 Feet
Weight:87 kg, 192 pounds
Body Shape:N/A
Shoe Size (US):N/A


"I've done movies that I've been advised not to do. 'Dog Soldiers,' the movie I did 11 years ago now, I remember my agent at the time was like, 'You shouldn't do that. It's a weird film about werewolves,' and it became a cult hit."

Kevin McKidd

"If a man comes up to me, I'm almost sure he's going to mention Rome, if it's a woman, it'll be 'Grey's Anatomy.'"

Kevin McKidd

"I was asked to be in the last two 'Harry Potter' films and I couldn't do it because I was busy filming 'Grey's Anatomy.'"

Kevin McKidd

"I live in L.A. so I worry my kids aren't that connected to Britain, I suppose I don't want them to become American kids. We try to get back three or four times a year. When they go to school they speak with a British-American accent but when they come home to us they go back to their British accent."

Kevin McKidd

"I am the god of being messy - I'm trying to get better. I was terrible in my 20s. My kids are much tidier than I am, I don't know where they get it from, maybe their mother."

Kevin McKidd
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