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Bronson Pinchot’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography

Bronson Pinchot

Biography - A Short Wiki

What’s the height and weight of this fabulous actor? Bronson Pinchot has an incredible body, to be sure. Below is a list of all his known body measurements and more!

Bronson Pinchot is an American actor who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. He is perhaps best known for his role as Balki Bartokomous on the ABC sitcom “Perfect Strangers” which he played from 1986-1993. Along with appearing on numerous TV shows and films primarily throughout the ’90s, he has also had extensive work as a narrator for audiobooks–by 2014 he already had over 100 recordings.

Body Measurements Table

Look below and behold the body statistics of Bronson Pinchot. The table covers bra size, height, weight, shoe size, and more!

Bronson Pinchot - Body Statistics
Height:175 cm, 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight:70 kg, 154 pounds
Body Shape:N/A
Dress Size (US):N/A
Shoe Size (US):N/A
Bra size:N/A
Cup Size (US):N/A
Natural breasts or implants:N/A


"I never did love Hollywood, I just loved the work."

Bronson Pinchot

"I think I'm going to pull a Charlie Chaplin and have kids when I'm 60."

Bronson Pinchot

"I go to the gym a lot, and I see these guys, these young actors or models there, really punishing themselves - I mean, just killing themselves. And then I'll see one of them on a billboard, with the artfully messy hair, looking as though it's just natural and easy to have a body like that."

Bronson Pinchot

"Beverly Hills Cop' opened up a whole world. I got the television show and movies, and I would go sign autographs for one hour and get paid $25,000."

Bronson Pinchot

"Restoring' is a very arrogant concept. If you're taking a house from 1812, do you restore it to how it looked the day after it was built, or restore it to the way it looked in 1828, or the way it looked in 1872? Do the minimum to stop it from falling apart, and then get away."

Bronson Pinchot
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